Acquire Your New Hire from Your Connections

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We've all been there. There's a job to be done that is just out of reach, either by skill or by time and you and your current staff don’t have the capacity to get the work done.You arent looking forward to the process, but it’s time to hire that new employee. 

However, once you define the job parameters that need filled, finding qualified candidates can be a challenge. When you post an ad on general employment websites like ZipRecruiter, Indeed or CareerBuilder, the cost is more than just the price of your ad.  With an average response of 50-100+ recruits, many(if not most) not matching the skills experience you are looking for, the time spent in sorting through the resumes can be significantA recruiter or hiring service is an option, but the position or your budget may not permit that in every case. Another method for finding a specialty or professional employee canbe through your business and personal networks.

Every Wednesday morning, I meet with the BNI Networking Group in Cornelius for presentations and conversation. Our chapter has over 35 active local business owners that meet. The specialties range from graphic design to accounting to real estate. Businesses looking to expand with new employees can either find a local professional in a networking group, or receive recommendations from other members. Often others in the group have talked to potential employees who were not right for their business but might be right for yours. Over the Christmas break I brought my daughter Sara (a UNC-Wilmington sophomore majoring in Entrepreneurship and Business Developmentto our meeting to network for a summer internship.

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Actionable Goals ~ Why Resolutions Don't Work

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I hope you are having a great holiday season! As 2016 comes to a close and the New Year is upon us, many of us start thinking about what we want to change and create resolutions to improve both personally and in our businesses. It won’t surprise anyone to hear that a Nielson study found that “Staying Fit and Healthy” is the most popular personal resolution, though studies show that after the first week of January many already break or forget about their goals. For me my personal health resolution for 2017 is going to be to complete an obstacle race like Spartan or Tough Mudder. That was my goal last year too but I didn’t quite get there because of some injury issues. No excuses in 2017!!!

Why don't most New Year’s Resolutions stick? For one, many people set goals that aren't actionable. Declaring that you want to eat healthy isn't as effective as creating a weekly meal plan with brussel sprouts three times a week. Take a vague goal and decide not just what you want to achieve but think about what activities are going to help you achieve that goal, whether that’s a set amount of exercise to do each day, or setting a target ratio of healthy foods on your plate. Find what healthful meals and exercises are working for you and expand them into specific days. Choose activities that are attainable, with the knowledge that you can expand once you hit that goal. Periodically review your goals and activities and course-correct where needed.

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Holiday Season Networking Tips

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The holidays are fast approaching. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to put things off for another day. Maybe you decide you’ll send that follow-up email or contact a prospective client after Christmas, which turns into “after the New Year.” Suddenly, you’ve lost days, possibly weeks that could have been utilized for marketing and networking in addition to spending your much-valued free time with friends and family.

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the season, but while you’re out celebrating and attending holiday parties keep an eye out for opportunities to build your business network.

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When Planning for 2017 - Start with 2016

Strategic Planning for 2017 - Why bother?

In business planning, it’s very common to hear (even from me) – “Start with the end in mind.” And that’s usually true.

But not always. When putting together your 2017 strategic plan for your business you should look to another ancient proverb for guidance – “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

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How to Choose the Right Business Coach

How to choose the right business coach

Hiring the right business coach can be the difference between having a great year and closing your doors. Check out my video where I discuss hiring the right coach with Brent Muller of Sapphire Online Marketing.

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