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Meet Matt Burkinshaw, Business Coach & Consultant

Why am I a business coach?

“I feel like entrepreneurs are ‘my people.’ I’ve done many things in business. I’ve succeeded and I’ve failed. I have made great hires and spectacularly bad ones. I’ve had good business partners and terrible ones. I want to use those experiences to help other business owners.”

It all began in middle school with a neighborhood lawn mowing business. Having paid close attention to his father and grandfathers, all lifelong entrepreneurs, Matt followed in their footsteps at a young age. While the businesses changed along the way — from lawn mowing, to legal practice, to business advising — Matt has remained passionate about the strategic aspect of business planning and supporting people with out-of-the box ideas and creative solutions.

As a business coach, Matt shares a very unique combination of skills with his clients — not only does he bring a financial and legal background to the table, Matt’s years as a fellow entrepreneur as well as a coach help him see around corners and prevent potential challenges. He understands human resources, marketing and sales, strategic planning, and financial questions and issues that come with running a business. Previously, Matt owned a law firm specializing in business and transactional law, creditor’s rights, and commercial litigation. He worked with hundreds of small to medium sized businesses, growing them from infancy through various stages of business and even to sale. He has (literally!) seen it all, and uses every past experience to benefit his current clients.

A Northerner turned Southerner, Matt attended Boston College where he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the Carroll School of Management. He holds a law degree from Suffolk University Law School. In additional to being a licensed Massachusetts attorney, Matt is a licensed business coach with the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (www.PBCA.biz). The PBCA, an organization of over 100 business coaches with assorted specialties, can share support and expertise as Matt helps provide practical solutions for his clients.

Get to Know Matt
  • Small businesses drive our economy. Owners give up the safety net of a weekly paycheck in hopes of building something better for themselves, their families, and their communities. They need and deserve my respect and help. I am privileged to be able to support them.
  • I married Kathy, my high school sweetheart and best friend, 25 years ago.
    A talented writer, Kathy’s middle grade historical novel based on her mother’s life in wartime Japan during the Hiroshima bombing will be released this summer.
  • Our daughter Sara is a sophomore at UNC Wilmington. I had the privilege of coaching her for two years of high school cross country and track. Sara is an amazing runner and was awarded all-state honors five times.
  • I am a lifelong Steelers and Pirates fan. My favorite players are Jack Lambert — he was an animal on the field — and Kent Tekulve — mostly because of his cool sunglasses and submarine delivery.
  • I am a total geek when it comes to TV and movies. On the list of my favorites: Serenity, Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride, Monty Python, all martial arts movies ... and on. Have any recommendations?
  • I plan to do a Spartan Race or Warrior Dash in 2016. But ... I have to get in shape first. And getting in shape can be frustrating. And I like good craft beer. And also salty snacks. So, I’ll keep you posted.