Team Business Coaching In-Person or Virtual

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Managing a team to perform well together and achieve common goals can be complex. There are employees (both good and bad!), data (both good and bad!), and organizational systems (both good and bad!). Together we will define roles, develop responsibilities, assess employees, and design training plans to advance your business.

Remember the days when you wished for a team of people to help you with all the work? Now you have that team, but it seems your workload has multiplied! The management phase of a business is very different from the start-up phase and, suffice it to say, is not without growing pains. Developing and empowering your people are critical to success. It might sound cliche, but when you invest in your team members, they feel more invested in their roles and the business.

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The Plan, Perform, Grow Advantage

  • Grow Together

    It is easy for employees to fall into silos and lose sight of the big picture. We offer interactive workshops focused on elements such as team/morale building, mission/vision development, effective marketing and sales, customer service, leadership … and the list goes on.

  • Leader Development

    Managing managers making you crazy? We can help. Let’s make sure that org chart (you do have one, right?) makes sense and everyone has a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities. We offer performance coaching and can assist rising leaders to star status.

  • Knowledge is Power

    Ever feel like you communicate very clearly, but based on the results it appears you are speaking another language? We facilitate personal assessments using tools such as DiSC to evaluate behavioral differences. Understand how your people communicate, react to conflict, stay motivated, and problem solve.

  • Take Action

    Yes, we will establish goals with your team. But more importantly, we help develop the action steps to actually achieve the goals. AND we can be accountability partners to make sure each team member is holding up his/her end of the bargain. Soon we’ll be setting new goals!